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continuing my journey finding a way to draw bucky that i like. and a costume.

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So… Jack Kraken.  Coolest fucking outfit ever.  Coolest fucking name ever.  Where has this dude been all my life?

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Batman and Robin by Dan Hipp

This is awesome.  I’m sure someone knows which comic it was where Nightwing kind of steps in and saves Batman and then Batman has an inner monologue about how he’s a creature of the shadows, but Dick was always intended for the spotlight and that’s why he never could stay as Robin.

Am I thinking of Dark Knight Returns?

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This brought back a lot of memories.

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My favorite Avengers book since its inception.

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By Katie Cook.

And I haven’t played Pokemon since I was a kid, but surely I’m not the only one who thought of Psyduck?


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By Kevin Wada.  I really like this.

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Dustin Nguyen Draws the Last Bat Missing: Cassandra Cain

With Stephanie Brown unbenched we are down to just one member of the Batfamily still missing in the new 52. The only woman of color in the Batfamily, by the way. I know there was a plan to give Cassandra her own book by Billy Tucci pre-52 but I am hoping when she returns to comics that she will first show up in Batman Eternal first. A book I might add that Nguyen is drawing a few issues of. 

Do you think we’ll we see Cass Cain in 2014? 

Always liked Cassandra Cain, but I really like this piece of art.  I’d happily buy a print of this.

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